FO: Sockhead Invasion

It did look like a great big mitten before it was blocked. Big enough to fit a giant baby’s hand. I had my doubts about how this hat would fit any head in my household, but once it dried off the improvised blocking tool, it was perfectly slouchy.

But hang on, didn’t I just do a WIP-tastic Monday post about this hat? Well, yes I did, thank you very much. It was just that quick and pleasurable that I finished it quite sooner.

My daughter has claimed this hat the minute it was off the needles. So it was only fitting that she modelled it for me. She loves how warm it is, I think. The colours definitely suit her. I thought Atomic 6 would pool like crazy when I got to the stockinette section, but it was evenly spread out. Such a delight to knit!

And pompom! Yes, there must always be a pompom. I think a hat is not complete without one. Besides, what was I going to do with the golfball sized leftover anyway? Also a great excuse to break out the pompom maker which Caroline so kindly picked up for me when she was in Loops last year.

Did I tell you how big this hat is? Oh yes, I did. But I’ll tell you again anyway. It is big. See how big? It has all that extra skin so when you scrunch it up just right, you get a nice slouch behind you. Très chic!

We talked about the pompom, yes? I just love it. I would add pompoms to everything I knit if I could get away with it. I remember doing a pompom puppet once in school. It was cute. Multi-coloured pompoms threaded together and attached to strings. The ultimately child’s toy. Certainly kept us third graders busy for a while. I think one girl had one side of her hair chopped off accidentally by an over-eager classmate. She had to get a really short bob cut after that. A sockhead hat would have come in handy for her then.

Project: Sockhead aka Pompom Love (Raveled)
Pattern: Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure (source)
Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight, colourway: Atomic 6
Needles: 3.5mm
Cast on: 25 Aug 2010
Cast off: 30 Aug 2010
Notes: Added a pompom, just because. And did a different decrease pattern because, apparently, I still cannot do knitting math and doubt patterns by more formidable designers. Next time I will stay true to the design, keep my inner mouth shut and just knit!

Sockhead #2 will no doubt make a debut here soon. Have to decide on which lone skein of sock yarn to use first. And which family member to knit it for.

PS: Have a great weekend, everyone!

PPS: Amiras, see you at Ruth’s tomorrow. ‘Tis going to be fun! 🙂