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Playing around with colours this past week, I realise I am destined never to do summery colours. I suck at bright and cheerful. Apart from that time when I did a sunshiny yellow.  The colours I come up with are probably extensions of who I am: intense. Maybe not outwardly so, but still intense. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

As always, these colourways and their sisters can be found in my Etsy shop. Gee, I feel so grown-up saying that.  Go take a look please, even if all you do is look at the colours and tell me how wrong I am about being intense.

Grape Popsicle, 2 1 skein in Faith, Hope and Love

I want to lick this yarn up. Seriously. I also wish I dyed more so I can knit my own shawl in this colourway.  The way the silk takes in the dye never ceases to amaze me every time.

And talk about taking in the dye – look at this baby! This is the same dye bath as the silk/merino blend above but it is much deeper, more intense. There’s that dang word again. Anyway, this is the kind of purple I would like for a really big ass shawl, like maybe Kiri or Icarus. It should be easy enough to repeat but I won’t know for sure until I try it again.

Grape Popsicle, 1 skein in a new superwash laceweight base

Someone *coughDieuwkecough* mentioned that I hardly do any reds. I took that as a challenge and mixed up some red dye solution. Ha! Erm, well, almost. Not sure if it’s the silk again but this is supposed to be red Red. Instead it’s more orange/peach. I still love it though, reminds me of Third Place is Better Than Last. Man, I have to stop using more than 3 words for colourways!

I have this in sweater quantity and if this lot is still in the shop past their sell-by dates, I’m adding them to my stash. I think this will knit up a very lovely Tamzin.

Nearly Berry, 4 skeins in Faith, Hope and Love

This I concluded is my very first permanent colourway. I love it. My friends love it. And the yarn loves it too. See just how much it soaked up the colour? Well, maybe not so much. It is so dang difficult to photograph red. I need to take it out in natural light one day and take a properly exposed photograph.

My son said this felt like hair. It is dense, springy and soft. He might be on to something. I, however, see this as a gorgeous supersized Haruni or Aeolian with stunning crystal clear beads. Hmmm….one day.

Berry Much in Love, 1 skein in a new superwash laceweight base

Thank you for indulging a silly old soul. I hope you enjoyed this slideshow. Want more? Go visit the shop!

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