WIP-tastic Monday

I am not fickle-minded. I have a very good attention span. I don’t get that “Oooh shiny!” moment, well not that often anyway. But when it comes to knitting, I lose all control. I just want to start on a new project every time I see something that I know I will be able to knit in no time.

True, I have a few WIPs lying about and that means a few sets of needles which I am unable to use for new projects. That reminds me, I need to do a needle inventory because I swear I have more then 5 sets of 2.5mm circulars and I cannot find any now in my needle case! Anyway, back to the topic, WIPs are a -plenty.

The cardigan for my niece had barely dried on the blocking foam when I pulled out this skein of STR Mediumwieght in Atomic 6 which I wound into a ball a while ago intending to cast on for a pair of socks for the Socks that Rawk Group KAL, about 2 quarters ago but never did. I wanted to knit my own Sockhead Hat, dammit!

I’ve seen a few really cute ones around and they seem so easy to knit and requires less to no brain power at all. I knew I’d find a pair of 3.5mm needle tips since I barely use that size. And before you could say “But you have so many WIPs!” I managed to cast on 144 stitches and was ribbing happily away.

I love how this is knitting up. At first I thought maybe the colours would pool really badly once I got to the stockinette section, but it’s alright. I’m nearly up to 9inches of the body now and will start decreasing soon, so watch out for the FO post later this week.

And then…and then, I will tackle the rest of the WIPs. Promise.