Superspecial Rare Gems

When I posted a comment on one of Cristi’s blog posts, there were no other comments. But after I hit submit, I saw that someone beat me to first comment. Bummer, I thought but left it at that.

A few hours later, Cristi emailed me saying my comment was #2100 and so I have won her Every-1000th-Comment Contest! See, being patient, or slow in composing your comments pays off. And this little beauty is my prize.

It’s a Rare Gems colourway, beautiful blue and green. I know Cristi asked me for 3 of my favourite colours but I could not be more pleased with her choice. I know it pains her to part with this esp as it is a one-of-a-kind colourway which is why I can never thank her enough.

And look what I found on the yarn: cat hair!  I have been trying to figure out if this belonged to Calvin or Ripple. No matter, I loved that the cat hair is there.

I have not decided what to knit with this yet, it has to be special of course so have to think about this well.