And one more thing

Lately my mind has been wandering back to the days when I used to write fiction. Okay, fan fiction, but still fiction. And still writing. I may have dabbled in really teeny, fangirly stuff before, but hey we all go through that phase, it’s just that not everyone goes through that phase when they’re in their 30s.

Moving on. Yes, I picked up the virtual pen and started writing again. I don’t know what started it. The writing Muse is funny that way. I could be knitting and an idea would pop in my head and I just have to tug at that idea until it leads me to other bigger things.

I have been listening to Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas a lot. I like his music very much. Even the really angry ones. Especially the really angry ones. Only a few of my friends know that I did write a story with Rob in it before. I didn’t submit it to any other fan fiction repository because it was a new subject for me. I wasn’t that comfortable and I mostly winged it with the details.

A friend of mine did the initial beta and critique and, being my friend, she loved it. I did post it in an old MB20 community where it received lukewarm response. I guess it was inevitable because those guys are quite hardcore fans and probably thought that I desecrated the band or something by writing the characters very differently. Hell-o, ever heard of Alternate Universe?

Anyway, the characters in that story stayed with me since their incarnation. I continued to enjoy Rob’s music and kept toying with the idea of a sequel. The story, after all, was not finished. I have been going over new plots and characters forever and all of a sudden, a few days ago, I started writing it down. I kept going without doing any major editing and feel that I now have conceptualized this sucker to death, enough to go on and write the damned sequel already.

Then last night, I was going through YouTube watching Rob’s performances and interviews and listening to his music and later decided to pop in his Live at Red Rocks DVD.  My mind was elsewhere.

Nadia has again agreed so kindly to offer critique to the sequel. When it’s finished, should I post it here in my blog or elsewhere?

Teaser/Hint: The title of this blog post is related to the story I’m writing now.