It’s all a blur

It’s a cliche but in this case it’s very true. Time does fly when you’re having fun, and boy did we have so much fun today at Debbie’s!

It was a small-ish group today, 10 at the most I think but the chatter and the fun just never stopped. Debbie served a wonderful lunch: roast chicken (from Choitram’s), salad with corn and mushroom and a wonderful dressing, roast butternut pumpkin with balsamic vinegar, honey and olive oil and bread and Jackie’s hummous. I can still taste the pumpkin in my mouth.

After lunch and coffee plus Korean sweets thanks to Juna, we sat down and started knitting. Then Debbie kindly gave us a demonstration of her spinning wheel. It was mesmerizing!

She also brought out all the yarn she has spun herself since she started doing it.  She has this moebius and slouchy hat knit out of her own handspun which was ooh’d and ahh’d by everyone.  And did I mention the endless chatter?  It didn’t help that Debbie’s cupboards are fully stocked with wine and some of us enjoyed more than one glass of the sauvignon blanc!  Jackie’s done her back in and the wine helped her relax.  I had a glass during lunch and it was yummy.

Crappy picture, sorry, but Jackie brought along her wonderful cappuccino machine! Yay! I was actually wondering if we were supposed to go to her place for coffee, but here was the wonder machine.

Eibee fnished knitting her Hermione Granger hat.  It’s blocking now but we’re making a big-ass pompom for it tomorrow.  She loves it and has enjoyed knitting it.  She now wants a new project to sink her needles into.

Another crappy photo, sorry.  I was in a rush to get these done so that I could post about it today.  I finished a covert project in 4 days!  It’s a modified Little Shells shawl, knit out of the very precious Sundara Silk Sport in Crushed Cherries.  Proper FO post and photos coming soon.  I plan to wear this shawl at next week’s office Iftar event.

Sorry about the lack of photos, I was having too much fun to bother taking the camera out. Off to bed now, night night.