A different kind of clinic

We were up early on Saturday morning, a most unusual thing for us since Saturday is our lie-in day. It’s our we’d-like-to-do-nothing day. Unfortunately for the next few Saturdays, it will be an early start as the boys have signed up for basketball clinic.

I bet this little birdie caught the worm that day too!

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hot that day so we were able to enjoy the short walk from the parking lot to the main building of the sports complex. And even made fun of the signs. Eibee dared to touch the papaya tree despite the warning. I’m glad to report that nothing happened when she touched it.

The caretakers were obviously trying to protect this loot!

This is the second week of the clinic and Patrick was actually counting down the days to Saturday. He was just that chuffed about doing this thing. He makes friends easily too so that was a good thing.

They don’t actually play basketball but they do a lot of stretching and ball exercises. The kids range from age 4 I think to teens. There was only one girl in the group and she was quite sporty.

They line up in groups of 4 or 5 and start with basic stretches, on their feet and on the floor. Then they follow with dribbling exercises which was a lot of fun to watch.

In between sessions, they do get time to shoot some hoops. Patrick just enjoyed every minute of it. He was in his element and managed to actually shoot the ball through the proper basket.

Joseph I think was it in for the exercises more than anything. He gets his regular dose of game with his dad’s weekly basketball games with his friends so he’s doing this to get the basic skills down to a T.

The dribbling exercises were just cool. All the kids were so eager to just start pounding that mat with the ball.  It was funny watching the younger kids do the hand movements.

It’s really something to see, the kids switching the ball from right to left at the sound of their coach’s whistle and the sound of the ball on the mat. It was almost rhythmic.

Patrick getting some attention from Coach Paul.  He was assigned to the younger kids while Coach Kiko handled the older kids.

Joseph pausing mid-dribble wondering where Mama is.  Oh, there I am!  Knitting as usual.  I did the pick-ups on the second sleeve of the hoodie during the clinic.  I think I managed to do a few of the short rows but then gave up because I was feeling guilty that I wasn’t watching the boys.

This guy is the youngest of the lot, and he is wearing eyeglasses!  He is so cute.  The ball would sometimes overpower him and he would almost get knocked down but he stayed on until the end.  Such a sport!

After over 2 hours of what must have been exhausting exercises, the coaches called everyone in for a last hurrah.  They broke up for snacks but since it was Ramadan, the kids just had to take the food home.  And they get to do this again next Saturday!

Eibee feels a bit left out since she has not done any sporty thing this summer. We’ll find something for her to do before school starts.