New stuff

Found in the More Cafe menu.

Toasted bums anyone? Hahaha! None of us had the nerve to ask t he restaurant staff if that was a typo or not. We certainly didn’t want to see samples of any toasted bums, thank you very much!

Here’s something new at home. It’s black, it has 5 round discs and comes with two wooden sticks. Oh and a plastic guitar without any nylon strings, instead it had 5 coloured tabs on the neck and a lever that you push downward.

Oh, oh and it comes with two CDs filled with pretty good animated graphic of a band playing sell-out shows and depending on how well or badly you play, they will either cheer you on or boo you off the stage.

Yeah, yeah, we’re a bit late getting on the whole Band Hero wagon. The kids used to always play Guitar Hero at the arcade and have been nagging us to get them the full set. Luckily there was a sale at E-max here so we grabbed it while it was on.

The kids all love it! My husband has tried it a few times and he says it’s a lot harder than it looks. He’s been trying to get me to play but I would rather be knitting than doing an instrumental karaoke, thanks.

Patrick has been reading as well! He wanted to start on it and urged me to buy him a Percy Jackson novel. It’s slow going but he loves it. He made me take this photo because he wanted to use it as his Facebook profile photo. Yes, my 7-year old son is on Facebook! Mostly to play games.  Tomorrow: the Harry Potter series!

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  1. Hehehe yeah we always look at the More menu for a bit of a laugh at this one. Mostly it’s to check if the anatomy is still there. Funny how no one ever found it ‘hara’am’ all these years. Enjoying your blog :>


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