Insert your choice of expletives here

If you live in Dubai and need to send any items via courier, whatever you do DO NOT use TCS Couriers. Worst ever company to handle your shipment.

To cut a very long and unbelievably frustrating story short, they were used as forwarding agent by Century Express who has been handling all my Etsy orders without a hitch. TCS then sent the items to my recipient via FedEx, which is understandably a much bigger international player and can get the job done.

Now whenever I send non-documents I always create a proforma invoice, which this particular shipment had. I sent the items, waited for my recipient to receive it and 8 days later still nothing. So I checked online and it’s apparently awaiting documents from the shipper. I ask my shipper who denied all knowledge. Either that or they couldn’t care less. They came back anyway saying I need to send a proforma invoice in my headed paper. WTF? I’m an individual, I don’t own a company, besides the proforma was sent along with the items. Okay so they’ll do it on their own headed paper.

Fingers still tapping on the keyboard…a few more days later, still nothing. They are chasing TCs, they assured me. TCS sent it, they said. I called FedEx when I got so upset about the inaction from the other two imbeciles. TCS has not done what they were supposed to do. The tracking page of the shipment is like a broken record with the note “Awaiting correct document from shipper.” listed since the 15th July until today.

I had a rather annoying live chat with a FedEx rep today, kept referring to me as “Sir” (Why? Why, I ask you? Do I sound manly on chat?) and basically had nothing vital to add to what I already know. I decided to do what I do at work to get results, I sent the entire email chain to Century and cc’d every email address I could find on the TCS website.

Now they say that the customs office at the destination has asked TCS to get the recipient to clear the items, i.e. pay money to get the items out. And they could not have told me this 3 weeks ago?

FYI, the items in question are for a swap and contains, among others, 7 skeins of yarn, chocolate, some goodies and a lot of hugs and love for my recipient. I am frustrated and deeply upset with the courier companies involved and humiliated beyond belief that my recipient is still waiting for her goodies.

There, out of my chest, but still doesn’t feel better. A few choice expletives would certainly ease the burden but I’m not going to do that here. Just know that I am swearing in my mind while I type this.

Have a great day everyone!