Still rockin’

I was not expecting the July shipment of the Rockin’ Sock Club to arrive so when it did I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think Tina would do two reds so close to each other, January’s Happy Go Lucky was a nice colourway so she had to have done something special to make a second red colourway stand out on its own.

Does this stand out then?  I didn’t quite fall head over heels with May’s colourway, which is the lightest ever RSC colourway I have seen, certainly the first Spirit to debut in the Club.  I didn’t knit that kit, but will perhaps use it along with a darker yarn to knit a Daybreak Shawl instead. Yeah, I know I have not even started the first Daybreak and here I go planning a second one already. Moving on…

This club yarn is a lot bolder than January’s. The purples are much richer, more pronounced than its sister colourway. It would certainly stripe or pool depending on the pattern/gauge when knitted up.

I have not looked at the patterns closer, but I like the Dusty Corners one I think. I need to read them and see which one appeals more to me.

The club extra is a skein of Sock Candy plus a pattern to use the extra skein for. And wouldn’t you know it, the colour is the same as the two other skeins already in my stash – Celery! These are definitely not going to be flip flop socks! I could maybe pull off a shawlette, maybe Summer Flies? Who knows.

Next shipment is in Fall so I hope there’s some exciting autumnal colours. Last year’s was a bit drab I think. I love this club but I’m ready to move on to others so if the last two shipments disappoint, I think I will not renew.

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