Review: Canon EOS-1D Mark IV (Part 2)


That is one word that I keep in mind when handling this powerful equipment. It commands respect, and oh boy it will get it no matter what!

These photos are nowhere near what the Mark IV is capable of but I thought I’d see what it can do under the most basic conditions. This is under ordinary flourescent lamp in our bedroom, no other light source. My handpainted skein of yarn is the star.

These are Cherry Tree Hill Low-micron Superwash Merino sock yarn. I dyed them as per Jenna’s and Cheryl’s video tips, i.e. without pre-soaking. I cannot tell you what the colours I used were because I did not take notes! I only know that I love these colours and I am going to call these Decoupage.

I mixed a rather strong purple dye solution which was supposed to be Berry Sorbet. It was just too strong so I split the solution into 2 parts and added more water to one half of it. The stronger one was used for two skeins of Faith, Hope and Love and on parts of this bare Bugga! and then I dipped it the remaining diluted solution. I like how it came out in patches.

The next two photographs were taken by my son. He is slowly getting into photography and I love it when he starts asking questions about camera settings and composition techniques. He takes photos of what’s around him which I think is the best way to start. Yes, we do like karaoke, we’re Filipinos – it’s in our blood! This is not ours though, it’s on loan from my brother-in-law.

The Mark IV takes very realistic, vivid colours, even on low light. My son did not even have to use custom white balance here and the pinks came out really well.

Here’s a more tricky shot, my youngest son asleep on the bottom half of the bunk bed with very little light. Still came out okay I think.

I love this camera! I wish I didn’t have to return it, but I do. The lease was extended until Sunday, thanks Rijosh! It’s a beauty, even my friends from last night’s photoshoot said so. We did take turns using it and everyone now wants in on the test-run!

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  1. Jocelyn, I’m so thrilled for you that you got to play with this awesome camera and an awesomer lens! Both are what I dream of owning someday and I’ll certainly have to wait to hit a lottery before I get me one 😦 Enjoy it and do share some portraits and night lights.


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