Arcade Knitting

Friday, or the weekend, means we are out of the house and in a mall somewhere.  Today’s agenda is to watch The Last Airbender.  It was alright, nothing too earth-shattering but it was entertaining.  It was great to see what Jason Rathbone really looked like, without all that make-up, coloured lenses and stupid blonde wig in the Twilight Saga.  And there’s at least 3 sequels, if the kids are right.

One big plus in the previews is HP7 Parts 1 and 2.  I am re-reading the book now and I couldn’t help but compare what I’ve been reading to the glimpses of the scenes.  This s going to be awesome – in 3D too!   Oh, don’t mind the cheerful yellow mascot – he always crops up all over the place during summer.  He’s the mascot for Dubai Summer Surprises.

Yes, arcade. It’s the one place we always have to go to when we go to Mirdif City Centre.  In particular, the basketball lane.  We all play.  For tickets.  Bernie has beaten the high score a few times already and won us at least 1500 tickets since we started coming here.  Here’s a photo of everyone in action today, except me because their photos came out way too blurry than mine.

It is highly addictive. You cannot ever play just one game.  I think one time I played a consecutive 6 games which caused me to 1) sweat like a pig and 2) have pain in my arms like I had been carrying weights all day.  The Orlando Magic ring (the blue one) is possibly the easiest one to play in, most of my shots go through and somehow it’s easier to get the ball to bounce off the board and hit the basket.  I’m sure it’s just our imagination but I’ve never been able to score more than 45 in either the Celtics or Lakers rings.

We walked away today with over 4000 points in our arcade card.  Patrick redeemed some points to get this airplane that transforms into a robot.  He’s quite pleased with it so I see this one replacing his Sideswipe toy as a favourite for now.

Emo!Joseph is fun to play with when I have the camera with me.  He was surprisingly game to pose for me tonight.  I took advantage.  He just didn’t want me taking close-up photos of that big zit on his forehead!

A rare occassion with Eibee’s hair all neat and tidy and away from her face!  Naturally I whipped out my camera before she got a chance to mess up her hair again and hide from me.  Next up, trim the eyebrows!

And this brings us to the end of today’s mall tour.  See how tired and cranky they look?  And this was just after we all had ice cream or some sort of cold drink from Cold Stone!  Would have been a worse photograph if I put my foot down and said no to ruining their appetites!

But this post is supposed to be called Arcade Knitting, right?  Well, yes I did knit at the arcade.  After my two games of basketball, I sat myself down at the nearest chair I could find and whipped out the hoodie in progress.  This is me taking a break from knitting the back of the hoodie to take a photo.  I continued this up in the second level where I completed the entire back of the hoodie, put the stitches on hold, ready for me to tackle the fronts.

And of course I have to show you the latest addition to the stash.  Caroline, who just came back from Canada, brought along some yarn-candy. She was at the Tanis Fiber Art shop and thought of us UAE knitters who might want to get their hands on some of these lovelies.  This is the Blue Label 80/20 superwash merino/nylon blend in a very cheerful Spearmint colourway.  I hope this doesn’t pool so that I can make a pair of plain vanilla socks.

Mulberry Silk is something new to me so when Caroline offered to pick up some of these, I jumped on the Garnet rightaway. It’s classified as a light fingering weight but has a nice feel and would make the most gorgeous shawl!  Not sure which pattern yet but I’m being tempted by the Aeolian Shawl from Knitty.

It’s funny how the superwash version of Garnet is not as lustruous as the silk. Still lovely in my opinion and will make a great pair of socks.  Or shawl!

What about you?  What’s your weekend plan?

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  1. Looks like a fun day at the arcade!

    LOVE the new stash enhancement, I’m a sucker for all things blue/green, so especially love that Spearmint colorway… but ooooo that silk!


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