Mall Life

With temperatures rising up to 43-degree Celsius during the day, it’s a wonder how people in this city are still alive. It’s not so much the heat that kills you, but the humidity. You go out, in the shade and it’s a scorcher but then with high humidity levels you can hardly breathe without practically gasping for air. It’s like being a fish out of water!

How do we cope? We try to stay indoors as much as possible. And we have no less than 30 shopping malls to choose from where we can cool down and pass the time, do a bit of shopping, meet friends and get the kids entertained so they don’t drive you nuts.

That’s where we go on weekends, but only if we have to. I try to avoid that trip from the house to the car as much as possible. The heat is just nasty. So here we go, a few recent photos at the mall, Dubai Mall to be precise.

The kids always provide great subjects to practice my photography. Sometimes though they don’t feel up to it so I get frowns instead of smiles and looks of wonder.

And then sometimes I get some really wonderful photos where they participate with much enthusiasm! Those are the best!

It’s fun looking back at all the photographs after a month or so because I see how much they change and grow over a short period of time. And the hair! Oh my God, their hair grow so much!

If I can freeze time and have them stay as these lovable kids forever, I would do so. But kids have to grow up and hopefully become respectable citizens of the world someday. No use holding them back.