I have been knitting for a little less than 3 years now. My skills, I think, have grown although not as exponentially as my stash has. The same can be said fo rmy taste in both yarn types and colours and patterns. Whereas before I used to queue every single interesting pattern I come across, now I simply add them to my favourites then scrutinize the pattern to see if it’s something that would hold my interest and keep me going until I have a finished item.

Although that’s not the mantra I apply to all patterns because some holds my interest throughout the knititng process better than others. Miles of stockinette, for example, can only keep me focused for so long. Lace, on the other hand presents challenges which I take on with more enthusiasm. Depending on my mindset at the time of course.

Socks, knitted in the round, without seaming and with so many variations on the stitch pattern has endless possibilities. That is why I continue to knit them. I finished another pair in the last few days, it’s the test knit for Irishgirlieknits.

It begins with a Carrie Sullivan trademark – narrow garter stitch cuffs, and continues on to the very dainty cable and lace leg pattern. It’s the easiest pattern to follow and will keep you hooked until it’s time to start the heel flap.

The heel flap is patterned, another Carrie Sullivan trademark, and follows the purl ridges pattern of the leg minus the cable and lace.

You then pick up for the gusset, do a bit of decreasing then travel down the foot with a ribbed pattern that is broken by the purl ridges already established on the leg.  I love the column of purl ridges.

It is concluded by a wedge toe where the instep pattern is carried right down to the end just before you Kitchener it close. This is something new for me since I almost always stop the pattern before decreasing for the toe. This time I followed the pattern to the letter, as you do when test-knitting, and I’m very pleased with the final product.

There are plenty of ways to modify this pattern to your liking but as written, this is simple yet beautiful. If I knitted this again, I think I would shorten the leg a bit and use a semi-solid STR.

Thanks, Carrie for the opportunity to test knit this pretty pattern.  And thanks to Susie at Kollage Yarns for the free skein to test knit this with.

Project: Sweet-a-licious (Ravel me)
Pattern: Sweet Home by Carrie Sullivan
Yarn: Kollage Yarns Sock-a-licious, colourway Stormy
Needle: 2.25mm
Cast on: 14 July 2010
Cast off: 21 July 2010
Notes: Dropped a needle size since I felt that 2.5mm will mess up the gauge with the thinner yarn. I was right.

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  1. Lovely socks the pattern flows smoothly throughout, that would definitely keep my interest!

    BTW, have you seen the rav feature on your stash page where you can sort using color? I had a peek at yours just now – blue is winning, I think:)


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