Champagne candles

Every week, someone celebrates a birthday in our office. However, we don’t have a cake every time we have a birthday. It’s usually just the staff who gets cakes and flowers.

Last week, someone got flowers, and cakes with champagne candles! Yes, plural, two cakes – we don’t do things on small scales around here. If we’re lucky, sometimes we even get free lunch!

No, it wasn’t Juvy’s birthday. She was just posing so I can test my camera settings. Anything for a photo, of course! her blue stripey shirt offers a nice contrast, doesn’t it?

Here is the birthday celebrant – Marcia. She was completely surprised and shocked and pleased by it all. She could not believe that someone organised this for her. It was thanks to two ladies, Linda and Jodie, that we had a surprise for Marcia.

I like this photo of Rob and Katy, very candid, very cheerful. They’re about to have free cake, so who wouldn’t be happy?

After the cake, of which we had a tiny slice of, we headed out to lunch. me and these girls as usual. And my camera too of course.

Mrs Photogenic 2010. She does look great in photographs. And I love testing out different settings on the camera on her. They seem to like her a lot.

As they do Jezzel, who prefer not to be shot straight on. She always tilts her head to one side when the camera is in front of her. No matter, still pretty good results.

No impromptu photo session would be complete without Juvy, of course. Still pretty, despite having eaten a huge Big Tasty meal!

One of the guys saw this photo when I was uploading it and said, “Lucky chicken!” This was at the gas station where we stopped to buy some items. The chicken now sits proudly on Tim’s desk.

Why the chicken? Because it’s cute and we could use it to award to runners-up in our in-house Cock of the Month competition.

Crazy chicken eyes … don’t look!

Little Chicken is also a companion for Big Chicken who is the trophy for the main Cock of the Month awardee. They were like distant cousins reunited after so long. It was a touching reunion.

Okay, now don’t laugh. Juvy had her eye on my eyebrows for a while now and I agreed to let her trim them. She whipped out a pink razor and asked me to stay still – we did it in the ladies’ toilet after lunch. What do you think? Can I pull off this look or should I just grow my bushy brows back?

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