Spring Swap and others

I recently signed up for a Spring Swap in the Sundara Yarn Love group on Ravelry. It’s not easy doing international swaps from the UAE since our postal system has gone, well postal. Luckily, I was paired up with Susan who is in Athens and therefore should be easier to send stuff to.

She was quicker though and my swap package arrived last week. Here’s a peek at what the big brown padded envelope included.   The pink things are toe separators for when you get a pedicure.  I reckon I’ll get a few laughs and strange looks at the salon if I decide  to take these along.  There is a cute project bag, a bar of Chesapeake soap, a travelling photo frame which doubles as a small pattern keeper and a notecard from Susan with a cute felted design on the front.  And of course there was yarn!

More detailed photo of the yarns after the jump.

This being a Sundara Yarn swap, the main items are Sundara Sock Yarns. Susan was supposed to send me two matching skeins of Mint Julep but she could not find the second skein.  So she sent me something that I have been coveting since I first started hoarding stashing Sundara Yarns….a skein of Ruby Port sock!

And the, since we were doing an international swap, we did a bit of lurking in each other’s stash and decided to do trades as well. One of the best scores I made from her stash is this FSM in The Life Aquatic. I have seen this on ravelry so many times and loved the blues and greens, so I was quite chuffed when Susan said I could have it.

Two of her other skeins which found a new home with me are these BFL sock yarns. I had this wild idea of doing a two-toned shawl a la Daybreak using these. Not sure yet if I will still go ahead with that plan but I am quite pleased with these skeins.

Here are two more additions to the stash. Kollage yarn’s new Sock-a-licious which is more or less a present from Irishgirlieknits. She asked if I wanted to test knit her latest design and she would send the yarn too. So I said yes. This is a beautiful yarn, light, soft and quite nice to knit with. It’s a merino/nylon/silk blend.

But Carrie didn’t stop there, she also snuck in an extra special skein of STR in Mediumweight – a Rare Gem no less! What more could I possibly want? This skein I think will be a shawlette for me.

Did you remember some time ago I blogged about a knitting daughter? She’s still around, not very active with the needles though. She did finish the Plucky fingerless gloves she started, at least half of it. The other half is on the needles, languishing in her project bag, begging for me to take it and knit it for her. But she refuses to let me near it, promising that she will indeed knit it herself. We shall see.

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