To skive or not to skive

This is what happens when you give your EOS400D to a novice, who by the way only uses her Blackberry to take photographs.  Call me a snob all you want but I love my camera and expect everyone who picks it up and attempts to take a photograph of me for a change to know how to handle it correctly.

My 400D is over two years old now and she has had 3 younger siblings come after her since then.  I was never tempted to trade up because this camera has proven to be quite amazing, even at a humble 10.1 megapixel quality.  I have learned so much from it and with it so letting go will be very difficult.  I need to shoot more though.

And with this lot, I will never run out of subjects to photograph! 

It was totally her idea to stand next to the taxi sign for this photograph!  People were looking at us like we were complete tourists!

I love it when I don’t have to give much direction, but just keep on shooting.  We were in the middle of the mall, at lunchtime, with a lot of people walking past.  At the end of this particular shot, one rather good looking man stood behind her looking at me as if asking me to take his photo with her!

What a fun bunch, eh?  No wonder I always have plenty of photos when we go out together.  Next time I will get these guys to do a photo shoot at the park or something.  We nearly didn’t go back to work that day, which would have been awesome since it was one of those days you know?

I am a great fan of silver jewellery, esp the ones from Oculus.  I have bought more from them than any other shop in the last few years.  When I met Stacy from Magrudy’s last week I noticed this cute little charm she had on her bracelet and I cast aside all shame and asked her about it.

If you need to know something about me, it’s the fact that I am a big Doctor Who fan. The charm is that of a London police box with the image of a man using the telephone. Needless to say, I bought one when I saw it at the shop. I now have my very own Doctor!

I also picked up a charm with my initial plus this cute little 35mm camera!  It doesn’t look quite like my 400D but it represents one of my passions.Lastly, I hope all my American friends and internet buddies are having a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!

2 thoughts on “To skive or not to skive

  1. Ooh love the new look and you take fab pics with your camera. I agree, that despite being able to “borrow” Vineet’s camera, I still prefer my good ol’ 400D.

    Man, your friends are a great looking bunch!!! Love the one in front of the taxi sign “pick up point”, that’s too funny!!!!


    1. Thanks! It’s a work-in-progress.
      I need to practice more but this darned weather is not conducive to photo shoots.


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