New hangout

Wait. I used this blog post title before! Well it’s still true, and it’s still about Mirdif City Centre. We were there last week.

Any guesses where this cute thing is from? No?
Okay then, it’s one of the kiddie seats at Caribou Cafe. Patrick loved the chubby bear and wanted one for himself. They even have those stuffed bear heads mounted on the wall instead of elk or caribou.

After coffee and croissants, Bernie, Eibee, Patrick and I headed straight to Magic Planet and monopolized the basketball hoops again. Bernie broke the record twice which meant he earned over 350 tickets in two games! I must have played at least 6 basketball games at the end of which my arms were sore and I was sweating like a pig!

Joseph hooked up with old school friends and we caught up with them at the arcade. They went on to catch a film, have lunch and whatever else.

Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four went to practice bowling. Again. This time Patrick joined us. so we had the guards raised for him. He was quite keen and enjoyed it throughly. I think his combined score for two games was 156.

Did I tell you I could do a bowling trick? Ever bowled without a ball? See below. The after-shot is not available though, but I think this was a split.

I wore my Squooshy Dots to bowling. These babies are lucky so I will wear them to the company bowling event next week.

On our way out Patrick saw these funky blunt needletip thingies and I made him make an impression of his hand. Cute huh?

And then I asked him to press his face against it, eyes closed of course, and I took a photo. Can’t see it much but it’s his face alright.

Can’t see it? Here’s the real, cute thing!

I swear if he doesn’t get a haircut soon, I will grab a pair of scissors while he’s sleeping!

Guess who took this photo? No, guess again. Yes, you got that right. It was Patrick! Pretty neat for a 7-year old huh?

Mother and child. She’s the child, I’m the mom. And sometimes, just for fun, the roles get reversed! Love you, Bee!

And I love this little man! He’s learning how to play up to the camera.

We’re at MCC again tomorrow (Amiras meeting – wohoo!) and will definitely have lots of photos again. Enjoy the rest of your day and have a great weekend!