Hello, Wor(l)dPress!

Social butterfly is a term that does not apply to me. I will mingle when required but I won’t choose to be around people in a social event if I can help it.

It’s quite different with being sociable online. I used to Tweet and Plurk, but lost appetite for it. I have a Facebook account, a permanent LiveJournal account, my own domain with a now (sadly) dead art forum, a Blogger account and now I signed up for a WordPress blog.

Do I really need all of these?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes because I use them for different purposes. The goal is to, one day, move everything into my own domain and run it from one portal.

I like the look of the WP blogs that I regularly visit and I find it sleeker and crisp than others out there.  I will need some help while I learn how to navigate WP’s dashboard.  Is there anyone willing to hold my hand?

One thought on “Hello, Wor(l)dPress!

  1. Lovin’ the new digs!!!! And here I was hoping you’d hold MY hand:):)

    This is a great transition to move everything to your own space eventually.


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