At Raffles

This is my family. Well, our reflection against a mirror anyway. We had lunch at Azur at Raffles Dubai last Saturday.

It was yummy. The place was alright, with plenty of natural light.

The food was good. Didn’t get to take many photos because we all wanted to eat. Pronto. I did take photos of dessert. Meringue with custard and fresh fruits. Yum.

Oh and the sushi bar! Love the maki.

There were pots of hot, delicious coffee.

But most of all, there was us. Me. Why do I always look like a dork in photos?

Joseph, who needs a haircut but refuses to get one until school starts again.

Eivy, who needs to put her hair away from her pretty face!

Bernie, who seems to be wearing the same shirt every time I am in the mood to take photos. I swear he has other shirts, I will make sure he is wearing a different one next time.

And Patrick, who was nagging us to leave the hotel because we promised we would take them to the ice rink. The cutest little angel, or devil depending on his tantrums. Love you, Pat!

Not very good photos at the ice rink I’m afraid. The battery was nearly dead and the kids were too fast on the ice so I could not take steady shots.

Eivy and I are going back there on Saturday for spa day. Yay!

I decided to get the hot stone massage but Eivy will get the normal one. We’re both getting facials too. I could get used to this.

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