Magic constant

That is apparently what the number 15 is.You know what else it is about? That is how old my daughter Eileen Victoria, fondly called Eivy or Eibee (pronounced just like ivy), is today. Yay!

Fifteen. Wow, right? She seems much older than that and yet she is still my little girl. Always.

I love you, Bee! Happy birthday.

A couple of weeks ago,she made chocolate chip cookies. From scratch. Take that, Joy the Baker! well actually she got inspired from looking at Joy’s yummy cookie recipes and photos so she decided she would bake some choc chip cookies.

I barely helped. It was all her. This is the only decent photo I got from her preparation. It was a busy kitchen so I stepped out of her way and let her do her thing.

How was it? Well, Joseph couldn’t wait for the cookies to cool down from the oven before snatching one, so you tell me!

They were yummy! Moist, sweet, chewey enough and yet still a bit crumbly. Perfect cookies that melt in your mouth. Made by my daughter.

Amazing cookies. Amazing daughter. I love you! Happy birthday.