Recipe for a Shawlette

Sadly a shawlette is not a food item.

But if it were, I think the ingredient list would include lots of soft, creamy butter.

And some sugar. Maybe a few drops of vanilla essence for some added aroma. And chocolate? Yeah, there must be chocolate!


But no, this shawlette looks more like this.

It’s a basic recipe shared by the fabulous Chi. She of the Rare Gems fame. I cannot just stash the beautiful Rare Gems forever and not knit with it. So when I was trying to decide what to knit next, I came up with her recipe and one of the skeins from the Madrona stash.

I love it. I loved every minute of knitting it. I would knit it again and make it even bigger if I could. Assuming I could do the math of course!

I think every knitter should knit one of these at least once in their knitting life. It would make the world a warmer place.

Project: Rareness (Ravel me)
Pattern: STR Shawlette 002 by RQDragon
Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight
Colourway: Rare Gem from Madrona 2010
Needles: 4mm
Cast on: 20 May 2010
Cast off: 29 May 2010
Notes: Added more repeats to the lace border to use up as much of the yarn.

Today marks the 40th year when my mother married my father. That’s a long time if you consider the rate of failed marriages in the past two generations. They have their ups and downs but they have stuck it out together, even though they do argue like an old married couple!

Happy anniversary, Tatay and Nanay! I love you both.

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  1. Happy 40th to your parents! That is fantastic! The patterning on your Shawlette is so zen-like. It IS the perfect recipe to show off those rare gems.


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