Softa Silk

It’s no secret that Sundara Murphy dyes the most vivid colours on yarn. But like any artist, she has a masterpiece. Oh yes. No one does reds like Sundara does!

Here’s proof of that. A precious skein of her Silk Sport yarn in the very famous Crushed Cherries colourway. It is that rich in real life. I didn’t tweak this photo in any way.

I admit I would not have bought this yarn except Sundara put all of her Silk Sport on sale as the yarn base was being phased out (boo hoo!). I’m glad I got a few skeins before the rest of the Sundara Yarn Lovers got there.

This rich red skein would probably end up as a scarf or shawlette for me. Something this soft, smooth and silky should be worn as close to the skin as possible. If I had more skeins I would have knitted a vest or tank.

A couple of more skeins hopped into my shopping cart and I am so glad they did. Just look at the deep blues and purples in these.

With two skeins, I can knit up a really large shawl or wrap. I’m thinking a really large Traveling Woman, or Ishbel, or Forest Canopy Shawl, or Captiva Wrap. Choices, choices….

I can stare at these skeins all day…

If only I can use my mind to make them knit themselves up into something wonderful!

One thought on “Softa Silk

  1. You've done it again….WOW, look at those lovelies!! Did you see the email that her worsted is going to be phased out too – missed out on the Aged Oak Barrel, darn! Daybreak maybe? But then again, these skeins will look even more gorgeous in the lace patterning.


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