A packed weekend

First up, I am not a gamer. The only gaming I ever really did was a bit of the old Game n Watch in the early 80s, some Tetris in the late 80s and now Zuma Deluxe on the PC. I still don’t know how to switch on the PS3! So I was reluctant to go and watch Prince of Persia.

We saw the trailer last time we went to the cinema and I have to admit it looked promising. The family saw it last Saturday. After breakfast at IKEA, we went to Mirdif City Centre and saw the film. Okay, to say I was pleased is an understatement. It was awesome! I can’t wait for Part 2!

A bit of sun never hurt anyone. Yeah, but add humidity, dust and a group of eager and well-meaning grown-ups trying to hit a volleyball without much precision and you have a noisy, rowdy but energetic bunch of people.

Rob from the office organised a beach volleyball match and after a couple of weeks of strategizing and planning, we finally hit the beach at the Palm Jumeirah with eyes on the prize.

A total of 4 teams competed in an immediate knock-out event. My husband and two girls played for one of the teams and won their first round, but sadly fell prey to forced errors and had to settle for second place in the final game.

There were some marvelous graceful moves on the court! You could almost hear Swan Lake playing in the background as Christophe reached to save the ball.

Even Sam, our head driver got in on the action!

Some people were walking on air … Air Daniel?

And some found time to bite their nails right in the middle of the game …

The poor net was molested so much, I’m surprised it didn’t just crumpled and cried.

The intrepid gang braving the heat and humidity for some fun at the beach. This would have been a bigger group if everyone joined in. Next time maybe.

The MENA team won the coveted prize after a very thrilling game. And by thrilling I mean lots of arguments about rules, scoring and accusations of cheating about line calls.

I just have to add this photo because I took this just to test out the 70mm after it had been subjected to humidity and was pleasantly surprised at the sharpness of the image.

Earlier last week, Dynamic Joe took the entire Admin team out to lunch as he usually does. The venue was the same as last year’s but this time we were a bigger group. Look out! It’s the four-headed administrator! 🙂

Proof that elbows were banging into each other. The chef must have felt tired just at the sight of us entering the restaurant.

Joe and the team, well most of the team anyway. Thanks for a great lunch, Joe!

Knitting content coming up soon.

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