Three Times a Charm

A couple of weeks ago we got invited to help celebrate Nathan and Nyah’s 3rd birthday. I can’t believe that it has been a full year since that last birthday party! The kids have grown up so much!

Just look at little Nyah here…with her bright yellow dress and hair extensions.

Some action shots. Both of them kept running around after each other, carrying the small backpacks I got them for their birthday, all the way from Manila.

It was a stroke of luck when I found the two backpacks at the shop where they embroider caps and fans and towels for free. And they came in blue and pink too so it was perfect for the twins.

Almost a little lady…

And he’s as cheeky as ever, but without the usual Nathan smile. Must have been tired.

This is Nala (I think), a friend of theirs who was so sweet and let me photograph her.

This little cuddlebundle is Logan in his two sizes too big African-themed get-up.

The Family Byford and friends. If I remember correctly all the kids were adopted from the same orphanage in Sierra Leone.

The birthday boy and girl looking adorable as ever.

And the rest of the guests at that time. Glad I got the tripod.

Jackie, sorry for the delay with these. Just can’t get around to blogging up to date. Next time we’ll do proper portraits of the family when the twins are not busy running around with their friends.