I need an umbrella

It’s been a test-knitting week here at Camp Friday. This time it’s a shawlette, and a very special one too!

It was from a first-time designer who is an awesome knitter in her own right. When she put a call out on Ravelry for test knitters of her first design, a few of us immediately jumped in. I have to shame in saying I was first in line!

It was the best opportunity to try and knit from my own line of hand-dyed yarns. I immediately called on the kids’ help to choose a colourway and this one was the winner: Dipsyland. So I had to take one skein out of the shop.

No, I did not swatch. It’s a shawlette! How much would tension matter, right? I know, I know, I should still have swatched esp as it is a t est knit. But I was eager to wind my skein and get crackin’. The shawlette followed me everywhere since I cast on. This was two Thursdays ago at TGIFridays when we had lunch overlooking Ski Dubai.

It was shown off at a kiddie birthday party and spent a weekend at Dar Al Masyaf (more on those later). It was on the car ride to and from work. It was with me in the lunch room at work. And last night, she was finished! I gave her a quick bath and laid her out to dry overnight. She came with me to work today for a photoshoot.

Isn’t she gorgeous? I think she is.

Eibee helped with the modeled shots. It sits very nicely on her shoulders.

And the view from the back. The ruffles edge is so pretty.

I may have knitted too tightly because it was quite snug around the neck, but must be really warm and cozy esp during chilly evenings.

This shawlette can be re-sized easily by either knitting a larger stockinette section (9 + multiples of 8 stitches) or repeating the last 6 rows of the lace chart. Another test knitter, Jackie knitted a larger stockinette and her shawl is gorgeous! She used STR Mediumweight and it is very squishy.

Project: Raindrops (Raveled)
Pattern: Desert Rain by Lindsay Tabsh
Yarn: Dubai Knits – Faith, Hope and Love
Colourway: Dipsyland, used about 0.75 of the skein, 288.8 yards
Needles: 3.75mm
Cast on: 2 May 2010
Cast off: 15 May 2010
Notes: No mods on this, knitted as per original design

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  1. I'm all caught reading your blog posts and spent the last 1/2 hour reading and giggling at the kids pictures and being amazed at the scenery. This FO is just beautiful and the color works so well with the ruffle-y pattern.


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