Can I do this for a living?

Not long ago, I mentioned to Carrie how I would love to test knit one of her designs. She must have been starting out on Sock Clubs then or something so didn’t have many designs yet to require test knitters.

I was pleasantly surprised when she emailed me recently asking if I would be interested to test knit a new design for her. Umm, hel-lo! Of course I would! She sent over the basic format of the design and I had to choose the right yarn for it.

Her own test knit used Plucky Knitter MCN fingering, but I didn’t want to use my own Plucky. I did want to try one of the MCNs I acquired recently and after a quick deliberation I settled on Squoosh Fiber Arts MCN in Lilac Mist “Extra Brown” colourway. A skein I destashed from LiveIIKnit in Ravelry.

The design is quite simple, even beginning sock knitters could ace this one. And the dotty patterns are easily memorizable and intuitive without getting tedious or uninteresting.

I finished the first sock and still working on the other one. The “Extra Brown” on the ballband refers to some bits of light brown spots across the skein. Not so much that it distracts the colourway but it looks like a dirty spot on the sock if you really look at it.

I love this design! I love this sock! Next time I’ll try it with Socks That Rock.

Squooshy Dots (Raveled).

Not finished yet so no project details for now but watch this space.

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