New hangout

There’s a new place for us to hang out in: Mirdif City Centre. It’s not exactly closer but it’s got plenty of parking space, shops are all shiny and new, they have plenty of food outlets and cinema and shops and basically just brand spanking new.

We went and saw Iron Man 2 here a couple of weeks ago. Viel bought books. She read the novels and still wanted the manga version. Imagine her delight when she found out that Borders had the first book.

Lunch was at Carluccio’s. Pasta, steak, rissotto, breaded chicken fillet and yummy breads were on the menu. Plus a bit of knitting. Best combination ever: Sundara Sock Yarn and Irishgirlieknits’ Uncle Frank pattern.

Of course the camera was kept busy.

I am painfully aware that it won’t be long now before Patrick says no to crayons and kiddie meals.

Just look at that concentation! He still colours things in his own way; blue trees, pink carrots, peach dogs…

My boys … always shy in front of the camera. But they do have their moments.

Like this one.

Whereas I have no trouble getting the girls to pose.

See what I mean?

I look at them and their photos and can’t believe they all came from me.

More photos to follow….still churning them out like there’s no tomorrow.