Hello campers!

Last week, the family drove down to Hatta for a bit of overnight camping. We went home straight after work to change, get our stuff and pick up the kids.

I was hesitant about this at first because all I could think of was going to bed and not getting up until 10am on Friday. But I was outnumbered 4 to 1. Kids eh!

Halfway to our destination, we stopped by a supermarket to pick up supplies and also to get some pre-dinner snack. We were also waiting for the other campers who were friends of my mother-in-law from their dance club. I had a chance to take some photos while we waited.

Burger in his mouth I think. Or could be ice cream, not sure now.

He wanted two burgers! I think he only ate half of one.

That’s my daughter! Knitter in the making.

The streetlamps told me I should try a bokeh kit shot. I love how this turned out.

This is about the only decent shot I took when we got to the camp site. I forgot the tripod in the car which we left in the city since we borrowed my sister’s 4-wheel drive. I think he was watching the men build fire for the barbecue.

It was midnight when we got there so we had a quick barbecue dinner, pitched the tents, changed clothes and hopped into bed. Viel, Patrick and I slept in the tent while the others slept in the car. I think Joseph actually stayed up most of the night because whenever I woke up to turn in the inflatable bed I could hear him talking and laughing.

At around 6.30am I woke up and saw this sight. We were on our way to see where the kids ran off to so I took a quick shot.

This was the camp site with about 20 cars and over 40 people.

Beyond that rock where he was standing is a wadi, a fresh water pool straight from the mountains.

And this is what was in the wadi: our 3 older kids already having fun!

The water was clear and cool but the rocks at the bottom made it difficult to go from one end to the other.

Due to military checkpoints at two areas along the Hatta road, we were asked to vacate the camp site by 9am. I think the shift was changing and someone had to claim an ID card that was left behind the night before.

And away we go.

Oooh a camel in the wild! We stopped the car to take this photo.

Which was close to where these rocks were. Those who have visited the blog before might remember these same rocks from last year’s Great Hatta Adventure.

At a gas station just outside Hatta, we saw a group of bikers taking a break. My brother-in-law jumped at this funny looking bike for a photo.

And Viel too.

It was a good day. Tiring but good.

This weekend we are going to help celebrate Natahn’s and Nyah’s 3rd birthday. I can’t believe it’s been a year since that birthday party at their home in the Springs!

And then we will be spending the rest of Friday away at Dar Al Masyaf, an Arabic villa resort in the heart of Madinat Jumeirah. There will be a trip to Wild Wadi for sure!