Season of the Slouch

We’re not big on hats around here.

But I knit lots of hats. I realized I have knitted 22 hats since I began knitting. 13 are still in my possession and used sparingly. 9 have been given away as presents.

I see more hats in my future though. They are easy, quick, uncomplicated *coughKoolhasscough* and usually need less than 1 skein of yarn.

My latest FO is a hat which was a spur of the moment knit. I saw Lindsay’s version, loved it, checked out the pattern, queued it and printed it. Then I had the great idea of doing this as a mini-KAL with my daughter using the leftover yarn from the Slant Pocket Bag. Thought I’d teach her to knit using magic loop.

I’m done with mine. She’s about 80% through on hers. Here is my other daughter modelling for me.

I love how slouchy this hat is. It seemed really roomy while I was knitting it, like it would all fall over my eyes and I would need to cut out holes to see through. I purposely rubbed the fabric together while soaking to tighten up the gauge but without felting it. I think it worked. I stretched it out a bit to add more slouch and it’s perfect.

I love the crown shaping too. Hated the fiddly double decrease but love the final effect.

Project: The Blonde One (Raveled) – on account of Rosalie Cullen from Twilight being blonde, doh!
Pattern: Rosalie Hat by Megi from The Shit I Knit
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted
Colourway: Damask Rose, 0.75 skeins
Needle: 5mm
Cast on: 22 Apr 2010
Cast off: 30 Apr 2010
Notes: I hope the Malabrigo won’t pill …

I dumped all other WIPs yesterday in favour of a stealthy project. It’s a shawlette from a new designer but someone I would like to think of as an old friend. She asked for test knitters and I volunteered.

Well, I volunteered myself and my hand-dyed yarn. 🙂 This skein is now on its way to becoming a shawlette. I thought it was time I knit with my own hand-dyed yarn. I need to see if the dye is holding fast. If it’s bleeding on the hands. If the yarn is splitty.

Thank God it’s all good. I frogged the shawlette 4 times and it is holding up well. The frogging was all my fault and nothing to do with the design.

The Etsy shop is open and stuff are up for sale. If you haven’t been there, why not pay it a visit. Have a look-see, tell me what you think. I’m always worried that I over-priced everything hence no sale yet. *runs off to bite fingernails*