Just another day at the office

Yes, I do knit at work. During lunch break of course. This is not my project. Viel asked me to fix her feather-and-fan scarf because she missed a stitch.

I often bring my camera to work, or everywhere I go if at all possible. I hate missing out on a good photo op just because I left the camera at home. Except at the cinema because they take your camera away before you go inside, and you collect it when the movie is finished. But I hate giving my baby away to some complete stranger who may not realize how delicate that equipment is!

The girls took the camera with this on a trip down to the gas station to pick up some snacks. And I’m glad they did because these photos are great!

I wonder what the motorists were thinking seeing the girls posing on the street!

Eibee’s interpretation of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant.

Oh look, one of my hand knits! Love the randomness of this shot.

Looking like a true executive already huh?

Run, Eibee, run … and watch the leaves fall in your wake.

Ah well, that’s Tim and me discussing which quote to use on a presentation we were finishing up.

And this is what they were doing while Tim and me were rushing to complete the slides.

They do like really shallow depths of field.

Poor chicken. This is the “trophy” we give to our Cocks of the Month; guys who say and do the silliest and most stupid of things, sometimes quite obvious, other times down right innocent but still makes for a great nominee to out COTM award.

Either they were trying to make me smile or I just read something really funny on email.

Last Thursday we went out for lunch with Juvy and Myrene. It was great!

I got lucky with this shot. I was using the 50mm and was quite close to the subject but it still came out sharp.

B is for Biyel…no wait, it’s Bentley right?

Juvy and Sam both love the camera.

Myrene is one of my favourite subjects. I’ve been trying to set up a photo shoot with her and her family but just never have the timing right.

Oh no, it’s a three-headed monster!

Peace out, man.

I hope you liked this blog post.

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