I’ve been holding on to these photos for a while now. Just haven’t had a chance to blog about them. These were taken during the final session of our photography class in March. It was a final chapter on flash photography where the instructor brought along a continuous light source, in this case a video camera light, and we all took our turns taking photos using single flash mounts.

Some of our classmates volunteered to model for us. Some were even daring enough to take their clothes off!

Others just sat there, smiled while others gave directions on where to look and how to project.

Some just stood there and looked pretty, which still worked okay for most of us.

While others really played up to the cameras! Pauline was pretending to take her top off.

Thank God she didn’t or we would have had the police outside the door within minutes!

Advanced Photography Class was fun, but seriously I did not learn as much as I wanted since we were short on time. One important aspect which I think they failed to cover was how to set up for studio lighting and the various lighting accessories that a start-up photographer might consider.

Still, the basics were covered and for now that is enough. They are offering further workshops but I don’t think I will join in. I am considering the next Gulf Photo Plus, maybe a class on Portraiture? The one problem with this though is the cost. I would have to pay the equivalent of a 3-month course with Lightroom for a half-day workshop at the GPP!