Our little family

I do love taking photos of my family, esp when they are cooperative and tolerate my incessant need to get the shot just right.

My husband was a patient model when I was learning the basics of photography. Bless him.

The kids are also learning the basics but they still get shaky hands. Sometimes they do take decent shots so there are now photos of me!

Patrick loves the camera. He just doesn’t show it that much but when he is in the mood, he poses for me.

But Joseph used to hate having his photograph taken and would always turn his face away when I have the camera in front of me. Not anymore though.

My girls love the camera. When we first got them mobile phones with cameras, there were photo shoots a-plenty at every ladies’ room in the malls! Apparently because they like the effect of yellow lighting. Whereas I hate that yellow glow.

Any excuse to have a photo taken … 🙂

More photos to come…just give me time.

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