Fun with bokeh

I recently bought a Bokeh Masters Kit after seeing a post about it in the Digital Photography School forum. Since I live in Dubai, the kit had to travel to New York first before coming to me esp as the seller and maker of the kit, Udi Tirosh lives in Israel and ships the kit out of Israel. Big no, no for the UAE. So yeah, a big loud, raspberry at you UAE postal system – I got stuff sent through from Israel!

Okay, must quiet down in case Big Brother is watching.

I tried it out a few weeks ago when we went out to the park. Good thing there were these LED lights wrapped around the trees which provided the light source I needed to get the kit to work the way it is intended.

I brought along my Nifty Fifty and took these photos of my daughter Viel.

Star of David bokeh…

A thousand tiny hearts….

Why the long face? I love this one…

Clearly I need to practice more. It was quite difficult getting the hang of it but at least I think I know how to get the most of the kit now.

Anyone know where I can buy these multi-coloured LED lights?

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