Dubai Knits

Okay so the secret’s out. Another one bites the dust, and opens up an Etsy shop!

Dubai Knits is open for business!

I have silk/merino lace weight. 100g, approx 765 yards. The one on the left is called While The Sun Still Shines and the purple one is Eggplant Mania.

There’s a Worsted/Light DK weight which contains lambswool, cashmere and angora. 100g, approx. 300 yards. This is Nymphadora Express.

These skeins are called Purple Nurples. I can’t get the image of Dean Winchester in that bar downing the drink of the same name with a cheeky smile on his face.

Can you tell I’m in a purple funk?

Last but not the least, I have a fingering weight silk.merino blend. I want to take this particular skein away and hide it knit with it. I just think this will be a beautiful Swallowtail Shawl or maybe an Ishbel. I call it Temple of Jade.

Here is another colourway, green with hints of yellow lovingly called Dipsy Whipsy. The kids helped me name the colourways so I hope you get amused when you see the shop.

Come over and visit. Tell me what you think. Do I suck? Did I get some of it right? Any colours you would like to see on a particular base? Want to know why the colourway names are the way they are? 🙂

One thought on “Dubai Knits

  1. I love the names of the colorways and the fact that the kids have a big part in coming up with the names. Every colorway is unique and so pretty. You've done such a fab job, girl! I wish you all success!


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