I feel so accomplished!

I have finally knitted a Rockin’ Sock Club kit!

Can you hear me screaming in sweet victory?!

Ahem, okay, yes. I finished this pair of Flabella socks from the January kit of RSC 2010 and feel so proud of myself for having done so. It still took longer than I wanted but I finished them.

I had second thoughts about which pattern to knit. Cascadia, while pretty, looked so much like Dippers to me which I knited last year. Flabella has bobbles, man! So I chose to knit this pattern.

The bobbles did get a bit tedious at some point but I’m so glad I decided to cast on for the second sock just before I finished the leg of the first sock. After I caught up with the second sock it felt easier. I finished both socks within days of each other.

I knitted the medium size but the sock felt like it was huge! 70-odd stitches? For a medium? With a semi-ribbed pattern? Yeah, well, could have been sleeves!

Anyway, it was a fun knit and it does fit well. I’m just worried about the dye bleeding, since most red STRs tend to do just that.

Project: Flabella (Raveled)
Pattern: Flabella by Christina Bain
Yarn: Socks That Rock LW
Colourway: Happy Go Lucky, January 2010 RSC kit
Needles: 2.75mm for the fan pattern and 2.5mm for the rest
Cast on: 2 Feb 2010
Cast off: 2 Apr 2010
Notes: I tried to knit tighter than usual to compensate for the large sizing.

My daughter Viel is test-knitting my hand-dyed yarn for me. She’s doing a feather and fan scarf out of the Arabesque base from my Etsy shop. Gee, that still feels surreal when I say it.

Yes, I do have a brand new Etsy shop with a selection of hand-dyed yarn.

Go check it out. Even if it’s only to give me critique on the quality of the photos or just to say hi. 🙂

And wouldn’t you know it? I’m back to catching up on the blog again! Funny how that sneaks up on you, yeah?

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