There and back again

It doesn’t feel like it, but a couple of weeks ago I arrived in Manila. The trip was a short one, with the sole intention of picking up the kids and returning with them to Dubai for their summer holidays.

Those 10 days blurred into one another and just flew right by. Before I knew it, and after a bit of hiccup with the flights, we were on a plane and excitedly waiting to land in Dubai.

Now let’s see what actually happened while I was back home…

:: The kids completed their final exams
:: Patrick turned 7 and had a very simple celebration with the family
:: What was once lost was found
:: Trekked up to Manaoag as per tradition
:: Knitted a Melody Shawl which I gave to my godmother
:: Found and bought about 500g of fabric dye which I am itching to try out on wool
:: Sealed the deal to sell our house, just waiting for the money now
:: Received great news that Bernie passed his IELTS exams (at freakin’ 3 in the morning!)

Those are the significant events I remember.

The kids are now back in Dubai with us – all four of them and tomorrow we are celebrating Viel’s 18th birthday. Nothing grand, just dinner with family since coming back to Dubai was not our original plan. But it will be good, I know it.

Photographs to follow. I haven’t had time to download them all yet.

4 thoughts on “There and back again

  1. Have a wonderful, wonderful time with your precious ones! congratulations on selling your house and the great IELTS score! Now you have no excuses not to move to my neck of the woods!!! YAY!!!!


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