Playing at work

That’s what it feels like every time I whip the camera out and take photos at work.

Yesterday, I roped in two of my favourite people at work, Stefan and Nadine, into modelling for me for my panoramic project. The phone system was acting up so they had free time to be bossed around by me. We set things up and talked about where I wanted them to be and what I wanted them to do, although I was totally crap at giving directions!

I found that two people in the shot was not enough and needed another. In comes Cord, one of the newbies who is a very charming guy. He was up for it and played very nicely indeed. Three frames in, I realized I needed another face in the shot to pretend as Nadine’s client coming out of the meeting room.

Alessandro was around so I grabbed him and made him play too. Newbies are awesome, I tell you!

The two girls at the front desk didn’t have to be told anything. They knew what to do which was a relief. And then for the final frame, I waited until Tim was done with his meeting and asked him to stand at the bottom of the stairs. It only took one shot.

And this is the digital version of my final project and competition submission for class. The manually-stitched version will be done over the weekend. Click for bigger, but please note this was saved on the lowest JPG quality as my scratch disc apparently was not big enough.
After all that, Tim asked for a photo of him in his office which will be included in the newsletter and a presentation he was giving to potential candidates at a seminar in Gatwick this coming Sunday.

Corporate enough?

And before you ask, yes I do have signed model release forms from all of these guys.