The truth will out

Specially when it comes to the size of my yarn stash!

I put away most of my stash into two IKEA bins but I was not happy with how they were all mixed in there. It’s my OCD tendencies getting the better of me. So last Saturday I dumped all the contents of those 2 bins and then some to try and sort them out better. This is what I uncovered.

My name is Jocelyn and I’m a yarn addict.

It is quite a kick in the head to be confronted by everything I have ever bought online or otherwise. Some of them have been around since I began buying yarn and learning to knit. My taste in both fiber content and colour have changed naturally but I still gravitate towards the more sensible side of the spectrum. There might have been a few wild multicolours but they were purchased intentionally.

I then sorted the yarns into two sections: snobby yarn and okay yarns. Okay Yarns are the Knit Picks, Noro, Opal variety. Nothing to frown upon but stuff which I would really not want to mix with the Snobby Yarns. I still love them and know that I will knit them some time soon, but they stay in the bottom bin for now.

The Snobby Yarn bin is on the top for easy access, for both winding and knitting as well as impromptu fondling. I have found 3 main brands in my Snobby Yarn selection. Socks That Rock is not snobby in the sense that it is affordable, great quality and value for money, but I call it snobby because of the Rare Gems plus not everyone has discovered the awesomeness of it. Although saying that, it’s probably the most humble out of the Snobby Yarns.

This collection has since doubled, almost with the addition of some Rare Gems (post to follow). Hands down, one of the best sock yarns around.

Without realizing it, I have suddenly started accumulating more and more Madeline Tosh yarn . Thanks to two club memberships! This is 2 sweater quantity lots in Eyre and Tosh DK plus 6 skeins of Tosh DK back when it was known as Tosh Worsted. And a couple of other skeins including a bonus skein of Pastoral. I have another sweater quantity if Tosh Merino on the way. The most wanted in my wish list is Tosh Vintage in the Moorland colourway. But there’s none of it available anywhere. I’m hoping that the next round of the Sweater Club includes Tosh Vintage.

And now for the snobbiest lot in my stash, snobby because it still has a sense of exclusivity and the colours are almost always one-of-a-kind: Sundara Yarn. I seriously didn’t think I have this much. Would I destash any of it? Sorry but no. I do love them, even the silk lace. Maybe I will trade with another colour but these were selected and purchased with the colours specifically in mind. I see at least 7 sweaters/vests in here plus about 10 shawls and 8 pairs of socks.

One of the projects I’m thinking of is a pair of mittens, as inspired by Caroline’s Olympic Gekko Mittens. I’m thinking these colours would work well together in a stranded project. What do you think?

And of course don’t forget that I am slowly accumulating Skein Queen club exclusives and already have a few Posh yarn skeins too. Plus Squoosh, Plucky Knitter and Bugga.

Gotta knit knit knit….