At least 120 cms

That is the minimum requirement for our panoramic photography project in class.

This is one of the most exciting and most frustrating aspects of photography so far. So many possibilities but you have to get it just right if you want the best results.

Here are two Photoshop-stitched panorama I took last Friday. This first set is from the official class event taken at Zabeel Park and consists of about 6 separate photos. It was early so there weren’t many people in the park. The students from Basic Class were floating around but we shooed them away so we have a clear vantage point.

After class and a bit of lunch, Bernie and I rented a tandem push bike and rode around the park. when we came to the other side of the park I stopped to take another panoramic shot. This is the opposite side of where our class was earlier. We were all on top of those stairs before. This is 9 photos stitched together.

This is certainly fun. For my official class project I think I will try a vertical panorama, or maybe even do a macro panorama which apparently is even more of a challenge.

Deadline is this Friday – eeek!