Strike a pose

This has been in my inbox forever!

Two weeks ago, our photography class was out at the Heritage Village for our first outdoor activity. Since I am now on the next level of the class, our topic is on Flash Photography. We had a lecture on fill-in flash the week before and that outdoor event was supposed to test our knowledge and also to apply what we have learned. If we did!

I asked a friend if she would come in and be our model. She graciously said yes, but then got lost finding her way to Shindagha! She made it anyway and golly other students gate-crashed our group shoot. Why? Because this is our model, Ched.
She came in and practically took charge of the whole thing. We just pointed the camera and took as many shots as we could without burning our flash units.
She did a bit of modelling when she was younger and she is quite pretty so perfect choice huh?
We didn’t have to give her any directions, she just kept posing and playing with the cameras. We just had to ask her to turn this way and that so that we don’t always take a photo with her looking the other way.
It was a cloudy day so we had very little chance to practice fill-in flash techniques. But flash units kept on popping on this side of the Village! Would you believe that this pretty thing is mother to an almost-teenage boy?
Such a tease!~ She enjoyed every minute of it, and so did the photographers. Some of them even asked me if they could sign her up for their future shoots.
Yes, guys, but that’s a 10% commission to me as her pimp. Agent, I mean! 🙂 Thanks, Ched!
Okay, pretty people are gone. Time for the people who usually stay behind the lens. This is our group: Jerry, Jessica, Divine, me, Pauline and Orly. Small (group) but terrible.
On Friday, we are out at Zabeel Park again. This time we tackle panoramic photography. Yikes!

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