Let’s get this over with

Okay so I still have one batch of photos to show you from our wedding anniversary getaway.

Last time I took you on thsi trip, we had just come come back from a walk in the Madinat Jumeirah, taking photos for my photography class and enjoying the cool evening air. When we got back to the suite, I found these on the bed.
They had come in to fix the bed, empty the trash bins and replenish the bath supplies. And they put some more of the peppermint tea packets that I love!

We had a quite night in, watched (or tried to anyway) one of the moves on demand but were too wiped so we turned in at around midnight. I think I got up just once to get a drink of water. The suite was so dark with the curtains drawn and the lights all switched off. I was a bit disoriented because it was not my usual bedroom of course. We got up at around 9am, sun high up on the horizon and got ready for breakfast.
We decided to sit out on the terrace overlooking the Arabian Gulf. It was cool, not too windy and quiet. I loved the cappuccino and the omelet!
Not long after we started eating, these birds approached us gingerly. Bernie decided to throw them crumbs from the toast.
Which this little fellow happily munched on! This was less than a foot away from where I was sitting.
He flew away then and must have told his friends there’s a very gullible couple sitting out there who would throw them crumbs if they chirped a bit and looked cute.
When we got up to get our second course and then came back to our table, the little birds were right on the table helping themselves to the toast! Cheeky buggers.

Okay time to bore you now with my attempts at food photography. This here is a very yummy poppy seed Danish, soft and warm and buttery.
I love asparagus. I can eat it forever.
I had to stay still for about 15 seconds while he fiddled with the exposure settings! I think my cappuccino got cold in the process. Note I’m wearing my Shawl That Jazz….it was cold that morning.
The frozen yoghurt and nuts section. I was too full that I didn’t even consider the yoghurt.
Fresh fruits, more yoghurt and cottage cheese and creams.
The cold starter section. I don’t think I got anything from this side of the buffet. I was reaching out for a bowl for the fruits.
This bowl in fact. Fresh strawberries, melon, pineapples and some dried strawberries, cherries, gooseberries, cranberries and melon.
Here’s a photo for scale. i didn’t think strawberries were dried, usually have them either fresh or gooey as in jam.
And it was back to the suite to tidy up for check-out and relax a bit. The light fixtures in the bathroom had these crystal droplets which I managed to remove from it’s hinge and use for these photos. That’s the bowl of fresh fruits inverted on the droplet.
And since I was feeling artsy, I got Bernie to stand in the bathroom (I liked the blue wallpaper!) and pose for me.
I’m crazy I know.

So that concludes our Burj Al Arab adventure. If the thing wasn’t so darned expensive I’d want to go there at least once a month.

Once in a lifetime is actually fine by me too. Thanks for indulging me in this chapter of my life. I’ll be posting more regular stuff before you know it.

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