Stroboscopic Fun

Last Friday in photography class, we learned about stroboscopic flash effects.

The lecture was less than 5 minutes long because everyone was just itching to get cracking and firing up those flash units!

Sadly for me, my Speedlight 430EX does not have stroboscopic feature. 😦 It means I have to hold the flash unit in my hands and manually fire it for this to work.

And that is exactly what we did a few nights ago. Got a black fabric draped over the wardrobe, camera set on bulb and on a tripod with the cable release and lights switched off.

Here are a couple of decent results.
I find that the fewer repeats I make, the clearer the images are. The outtakes are horrendous! Those have been promptly deleted from the CF card.
The second photo is the one I will submit as my assignment tomorrow.

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