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My computer, both at home and at work are working double time to get these photos uploaded and posted on the blog. I might need to give them a vacation when this is all over!

So more on the wedding anniversary earlier this week. We had dinner at Junsui, the oriental restaurant on the ground mezzanine floor of the Burj. It’s also the venue for at least 4 of the Lunch Club celebrations at work. Now I know why Tim loves it there so much!Yes, prawn tempuras, cooked right before your eyes so they are juicy and the batter is crunchy and the dipping sauce is just awesome. We tried to eat a bit of everything available but there was so much food that we didn’t even get to try any of the vegetarian stuff.There was sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, Peking duck, Singapore noodles, peppered beef, miso soup … all heavenly yummy!

The head waiter took this photo of us looking up at the mirror ceiling. They love their mirrored ceiling so much! It’s not in focus but you gotta give the guy credit for artistic attempts.
After dinner we decided to take a long walk to help digestion. It was just all too much. And let me tell you, having a tripod is just amazing! I’m never leaving home without that heavy sucker again. I think I want to start compiling images for a 2011 calendar and this will be one of them!Before the security guard spotted us and made us leave, we snuck in this very blurred photo of us in front of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. And another one in front of the Burj. Our golf cart driver was kind enough to take us round here so I can take photos. This is the Al Qasr I think or maybe Madinat Jumeirah.More Jumeirah property on this stretch of the beach.
The tripod worked wonders but I wish my focusing was a bit better than these half ass attempts.
And back to the Burj lobby for more of the water fountain.
Just one more Burj post I promised and then yarn pOrn! 🙂

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