At 11am on January 25, 1992 at St. John the Baptist Parish, San Juan, Metro Manila, Bernie and I said “I do”.

We were in our twenties, barely ready for the world, scared mindless but in love. We married each other not fully realizing what exactly we got ourselves into but then made sure that for each and every day that would come, we would get to know each other and build a home.

Eighteen years later, here we are. We have four beautiful children. We do not have a fairy tale life. We have problems like every other married couple with growing-up children does. We never really celebrate our anniversary. For us it’s just another day. But this year we decided to do something different.

We are spending the evening at the Burj al Arab. Dining at an oriental restaurant, spending time with each other and just relaxing. This place is a little intimidating especially when you see just how grand everything really is.Every suite is a duplex with living quarters on the first floor and bedroom and bath on the second floor. It’s magnificent! I want to move in right now and never leave. The bedroom has a sitting area as big as my living room at home. And yes, it is true. There is a mirror right on top of the bed. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. The bed is amazing though and yes I did jump up and down on it the moment I saw it.
The bathroom has a huge jacuzzi which I cannot wait to try out. ETA: It’s official. I want a jacuzzi.
We have a great view of the Palm Jumeirah but the sky is a bit grey today. It’s difficult to photograph too with the triple-laminated glass window working against you.
They do make an effort in adding little touches of elegance that makes the experience truly exceptional and unforgettable.
Flowers are all over the suite. These heads of roses floating on a stylish vase is so cute.
My mom is ging to love this place with all the amazing orchids!
A bottle of red wine with compliments of the hotel…
And the day has only just begun!

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