Can never have enough

Gratuitious sky photos. Thanks for indulging me.
Oops, and another one. This is taken at Al Qasr Hotel in Dubai during our usual drinks reception last Thursday. Magnificent sky.
I used my priviledges and put in an order for fellow UAE knitters for some Knit Pro needles and notions. The 23 kg (WTF!?) package arrived last week and it looked a little something like this.
Yep. All needles, notions and accessories. For nine of us. Biggest damned knitting-related shipment I have ever received in my life.
I opened it up on Thursday evening and it had 4 smaller boxes inside. I remember they did segregate the items this way then box up the smaller boxes together.
Here’s a sneak peek into the contents: the Spectra acrylic needle set and the fabric needle case. Chart keeper…..nice. Hopefully this would help me NOT lose my place ever again.
I only managed to unpack everything and sort them into the respective orders last Saturday. I forgot totake a photo of all the items all laid out on the bedroom floor. Maybe you don’t really need to see just how much stuff we all ordered. But here is the final sorted items. Aren’t I neat?
Closer look you say? Here you go. The big red bag belongs to just one person. The bag on the far right and the one next to it also belong to individual people. The one on the front has one owner too. But the one on the left, the pink/brown one has 4 separate owners who were great in controlling themselves when placing the orders. The white plastic bag is mine plus a few small items which seem to be extra orders.
One of the neatest things I bought, which came out shortly before I placed the final order, is the acrylic needle stand for interchangeables. So cute! I feel like I’m about to do a science experiment! More photos of the bags and their recipients on Saturday when we do our monthly knitting meeting.
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