Coping Mechanism

How do you cope with stress?

Do you start binge-eating at the first sign of trouble? Do you lash out with the written word, smashing your keyboard with all the force an emotional human being could muster? Do you retreat into your own world and curl up in a fetal position? Or do you engage in some retail therapy?

Jackie suggested that I may be doing the latter to numb the pain. Honestly? I didn’t even think of it that way. in fact, everything on this post that I am about to show you were all purchased prior to that recent event. Thanks to delays and offloads on flights, my shipments are only starting to trickle in now. Let me introduce you to them.

This is Fairchild. My first skein of The Plucky Knitter’s Merino Cashmere Fingering weight yarn. It contains 80% merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon. This skein was destashed from Irishgirlieknits.
Discontinued Brand Name Yarn offers heavily discounted yarns from well-known companies. They had a January Sale on Cherry Tree Hill Semi Solids which were colourways being taken off the market. I got three skeins of colours which are not my normal ones. I thought I’d diversify and see how I like it. Blossom shown below.
This is actually green, maybe I need to take another photograph. This is colourway Jade.
Whoddathunk? Me, orange? Well, there’s always a first time for everything and this colourway called Mango looked perfect to me.
This little 1oz ball of fiber right here is the Rolls Royce of fibers. It’s “as soft as a cloud”, as mentioned on the ball band. And it really is. This is qiviut. Expensive as hell but eight times warmer than sheep’s wool and softer than cashmere. This is a gift from Canada and I need to plan what to knit with it. Any ideas?
Much of my recent purchase are from Ravelry destashes. The next 3 lot are from Linda in the US. I love the Mint Julep colourway from Sundara and when I saw that Linda was destashing this in the Sport Merino base, I kept thinking “Oooh, sweater for me!” I took all 6 skeins from Linda.
Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock in a Woolgirl Club colourway inclusive of the club pattern. Nice lovely red. Sundara Sock Yarn in Ember over Flame. Quite brown but I love it. I need to knit socks. I’m dying to knit socks!
I’m not much a fan of mystery knit-alongs but this mystery KAL for a shawlette called Shoshie over in Ravelry seemed quite interesting so I signed up. I bought the kit including beads. I have finished knitting the first clue which included bobbles, but now need to buy a crochet hook that fits since my hooks at home are too big for the beads. More Sundara goodies. Alicia is such an enabler/tease! I purchased this skein of Beaded Turquoise from her. I need to knit lace! I have a WIP in lace but need to finish other stuff first before I can tackle something so delicate as laceweight yarn.
Fingering Silky Cashmere is a trial run by Sundara. Not sure if she will offer this yarn base again, but it is so soft! Silk and cashmere make a really awesome mix. I think I will make a cowl with this skein I destashed from Alicia.
I have plenty of sock yarn from Sundara but the colours don’t necessarily make for good mixing and matching. I want a Daybreak shawl in Sundara Sock Yarn and wanted to use one of the brighter colours I have, maybe Cobalt over Mediterranean. So I bought this skein of (almost) black sock yarn called Night Sky Unseen. Pretty huh?
One of Sundara’s latest yarn bases is Fingering Merino Cashmere which is 70% merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon. Yes, exactly like Bugga! It feels squishy just like Bugga! but with the advantage of Sundara’s amazing colourways. And it’s 500 yards per skein! This is Intense.
This is called Enigma’s Secret. I love the green and I’m thinking of making a shawl with this one, maybe Melody’s Shawl?
What’s in the box?!
Why, it’s my latest order from KnitPro! All EUR818 of it! I’ll be spending the weekend sorting out individual orders. Can’t wait to try the acrylic needles! Speaking of needles, I recently treated myself to a luxury. A once-a-year luxury for me actually since it was in 2008 when I bought my first straights from Signature Needle Arts. I was hoping to grab some circulars but orders are full and they didn’t have the 2.5s yet. So I decided to buy DPNs. Just 4 since that is my usual technique. I did a small swatch with these and they are gorgeous!
I can’t wait to cast on for socks and use these stiletto tipped needles.Oooh, more yarn! Remember the Blue Moon sale? Well, they finally arrived today. These are the mediumweight skeins for Lindsay. I think she hit the jackpot here because the rare gems colourways are amazing. Jackie and I ordered lightweights and these are our Fire and Water skeins. Not sure which ones she wants and I’m happy to take whichever so I’ll let her have first dibs.I do have more coming, but mostly from club subscriptions. I have subscriptions to the Lotus Club on Etsy, Club Dragon Witch, Skein Queen’s Film Club and Reading Room, Rockin’ Sock Club, The Plucky Knitter’s Plucky Classics, Yarntini Semi Solids and hopefully The Loopy Ewe Sock Club.

Too much?

Preeti, did you receive your Tosh Worsted yet? Mine have not turned up and I’m worried that it is now lost.

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