Skiving off in style

Last Tuesday, Jackie and I planned a day of knitting, catching up and photographing her stash. I think there was lunch in there somewhere too. She picked me up from work and we headed to her quiet, beautiful home in the Green Community. Debbie was going to join us for lunch since she works just 7kms away. Lucky girl!

Jackie’s twins go to nursery school across the road, as in literally across the road, from her house. She can look out the window and see the kids if they are out in the playground. How cool is that?

I got to see Jackie’s stash management system at her new home. Wow! All that Euroflax! And the Skein Queens! I love how neat her knitting is. I suppose not having a million other WIPs nagging you helps your concentration. Just look at her seed stitch! This is the Peak Island Hoodie she made for me mum.
Speaking of yarn, these are the skeins she needed to photograph for uploading to Ravelry. Tanis and some SQ I think.
I love how she has this perfectly and naturally lit backyard. Brings out the true colours of the yarn. Jackie and I seem to have similar tastes in yarn an dcolourways. We’re both signing up for the same clubs this year: Skein Queen and Rockin’ Sock Club (my second year!).
I got to tag along when she went to pick up the kids. And, oh my God, how they’ve grown!

Nathan was quite sociable before but he is turning out to be a real chatterbox now. And it’s funny how he has picked up a bit of Jackie’s accent already! Jackie is from Northern Ireland so you can just imagine how Nathan sounds. Nyah, shy, sweet, little Nyah is all grown up too. She is still a bit shy but she now joins in the conversation too.

I sat down with them while Jackie gave them a cheese-and-pickle sandwich lunch with apples, grapes and yoghurt. Yummy!
After lunch, Jackie got them ready for their afternoon nap. They must have been so tired from school because they were asleep until around 4.30pm! After nap they wanted to watch Buzz Lightyear so jackie put on Toy Story 2 and these two plopped themselves on the mini couch in front of the TV while we sat chatting and knitting.Before I knew it, it was time to go home! I was taking the Metro to meet with Bernie at Deira City Centre so Jackie dropped me off at the Nakheel Harbor station. But not before I snuck in this cheeky photo of Nathan while Mummy and Nyah were talking to Daddy Richard on the phone.
Thanks again, Jackie for a wonderful day. Debbie, sorry I seem to have forgotten to take photos of you! We should do this more regularly. 🙂

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