No, I’m not calling it any name other than Burj Dubai

It’s months behind schedule and most probably way over budget too. The tallest man-made tower in the world is officially launched. Bt wait, recall every single marketing item and flyers and adverts because its name has changed! WTF?!

Because Abu Dhabi bailed out Dubai of a crippling debt, the Sheikhs from the Capital went on a shopping spree and picked out which world renowned landmarks of Dubai to take and make their own. Of course the first one on their sights is the one you could see from miles away.

I wonder which Sheikh cut the ribbon at the official inauguration? Oh well, I only went there for the fireworks. Let the show begin…
This here is my money shot. I love love love this part of the display. Only this part actually since everything else was quite meh.
How the heck did they manage to take the fireworks all the way up to the tip of the tower?
Burj Dubai can be the Third Tower, if ever anyone decided to add to the Lord of the Rings series.
See, that’s the Maktoum’s all-seeing eye. Or is it the Nahyan’s?
Whichever. Doesn’t really matter. It’s a big monstrosity in a city where excess is a common thing. Why don’t they just feed the hungry, help the poor and stop this stupid pissing contest.

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