Up in the sky…or is it deep down inside the project closet?

Carrie posted about this in her blog and I thought it was time I face reality too.


She talked about coming clean with the actual number of your UFOs. You know, the ones you don’t tell anyone. The ones that are not posted on Ravelry. Yeah, that’s the one!

Let’s face it, knitters are always in denial with regard to the actual size of their stash, whether it’s yarn or needles or notions. Only fellow knitters can understand one’s need to buy another skein of yarn in the same colour family, in the same yarn base, from the same indie dyer when she has a perfectly stashed skein (or two or three) of the same sitting at the bottom of the plastic bin at home. Or the need to have another set of Lizard Toes stitch markers when her notions carrier bag cannot possibly hold another stitch marker.

Only knitters would know.

And on that note, let me come clean with my UFOs. Let’s start with the ones in progress, i.e. I work on them a few rows at a time and they sit in a bag where I grab and dump them depending on what I feel like knitting at the time.

This Lacy Baktus was started in late October as a present for someone but for some reason I just couldn’t get back to it. I knit a row or two when I can but I hope to get this done as soon as possible. It’s not fair to my recipient! The good news though is that I have been knitting on this project this past couple of days and have made so much progress. I have started the decreases and now about halfway though the second section
You’ve seen this one already. I actually enjoy working on this Tea Leaves Cardigan, it’s out of Sundara Sport Merino after all, but I can only do a few rows of stockinette flat at a single sitting!
I started my first shawl using Sundara Silk Lace but with the really thin yarn I find it difficult to concentrate. I will get back to this at some point in 2010 since the pattern is quite easy.
This is not languishing so much since I started this very recently. I have had the yarn for a while now and the pattern has always intrigued me since there are so many beautiful FOs of it on Ravelry. Slowly does it.
One of my two most recent cast ons is this Thorpe hat for Bernie. It’s going okay but will need to be done during daylight as the black yarn is making me cross-eyed!There is also a secret sock project which I cannot show you. I hit a snag with the yarn so I left it for a while and then decided to pick it up again after completing the Family of Socks. I’ve almost to the heel flap of the second sock now but have doubts whether I have the right foot measurements!

Then there is a really quick and easy garment, which I cannot show you yet, but it’s this design. The first section came through really quickly but then New Year’s Eve happened and I have not picked this up again. I have a week’s deadline actually which is all the push I need to get this going again.

So those are the active UFOs. Now let’s take a look at the ones in hibernation. This one has got to be my oldest UFO! I’m ashamed to say that this was started back in September 2008! Well this is what it would look like if I were to finish the second pair! This is Rose’s Wristwarmers which I made for Sarah and I have a second pair meant for Alex, the first one of which is on stitch holders. I will get this done before the current Doctor Who specials are done!
I wanted to make a vest for my son Patrick but the yarn is not as I expected. I might frog this and use another, softer yarn. Plus the cotton has not much give so he will outgrow it very quickly.Another project for Patrick is this Pinwheel Blanket. The yarn bleeds so much so I cannot work on other projects without first scrubbing the dye off my hands! I will get it done, I promise!
This is not a proper project really. I just wanted to crochet a bit and I thought Granny Squares are the easiest thing, and it is! I joined the Granny Square CAL in Ravelry with the hopes of getting inspired to pick up this project again in the new year.
This will definitely be finished in 2010! I loved the fit of the socks so much and I want a complete pair soon.

Okay, that felt good getting all of that out of my plastic bins and project bags!

I have vowed to finish the ones on the needles before casting on another project. Can I do it? I am determined to do so. Does that count as an answer?

Next up, my 2010 knitting queue.

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